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Why westerners can take women nude and making out in public ,but holds to half meter of veil by a women ?
Terms used are suppressing women , against freedom , injustice to women , but a veil (hardly half a meter ) shakes up their democracy and freedom to shatteres .
i like that question..hmmm women need to understand & decide themselves as to what they want to be. do they want to be an item subject to exhibition at all times which that everyone looks at with greed & lust in their eyes or do they want to be like a woman who is respected & about whom people will have to think twice before they get evil thoughts in mind. a veil is the protection for the women & not the restriction that is binding on them. its a woman's choice after all as to what she prefers.

unfortunately the concept of veil is being presented in a wrong way in the modern society. I really admire women who take up to the veil not by force but by their own wish. as if it protects them from any dirty looks that might catch her into discomfort & grief for herself.

women today really need to think where they are going...
Some of the answers here suggest nude women are degrading. IS that true? Personally, don't see it that way...
Your opinion please.

There are clips of women nude in public. I don't think we need to see that. But, It don't seem degrading either.

I just wonder how a woman can get up enough nerve to do that.
I don't find nudity to be degrading at all. I'm a woman and a nudist. I prefer to be nude whenever I can. I spend lots of time on public nude beaches when the weather is nice enough and I'm usually nude when I am home. I do it because I feel comfortable doing it--it feels good. I don't do it to show off or call attention to myself--I won't be walking down the street in my birthday suit anytime soon, but when I am in a place where I can comfortably and acceptably be nude you can bet I will be.

It isn't hard to "get up enough nerve" to go nude. Just go to a primarily nude beach in your bathing suit. As long you don't gawk or make a scene the nudists there won't really care, but as you look around and see everyone else around you naked and having a good time and you'll feel overdressed and you too will be naked in no time.

Have yo ever sat there on a day when it is like 90 outside and you can't seem to stop sweating, no matter what you do? Try taking off your clothes. You see, your body has an amazing ability to regulate your temperature, but when you put on clothes it actually interferes with that process and prevents your from cooling down. In an effort to keep your core temperature from rising, you body produces sweat. You'll still sweat when you're nude, of course, but you'll actually sweat less, and that's why being nude is so enjoyable.
Should states and cities cave in to these equal rights activists and allow women to go topless in public?
PORTLAND -- About two dozen women took a walk down Congress Street topless Saturday, attracting a large crowd as they tried to preach that partial female nudity is not worthy of attracting a crowd.

The point of the march was that a topless woman out in public should attract no more attention than a man walking around without a shirt on, said Ty MacDowell, who organized Saturday's event and promoted it on Facebook.

But as the event got under way in Longfellow Square, the marchers were soon outnumbered by scores of onlookers -- mostly young men eagerly snapping away with cameras and cell phones.

MacDowell said she was surprised by the turnout of those less interested in challenging societal convention than seeing partially undressed women.

"I'm amazed," she said, and "enraged (at) the fact that there's a wall of men watching."

The 20-year-old Westbrook woman said she understood that for women, going topless in public "is not socially acceptable yet, and obviously there's going to be a reaction to something that breaks the norm."

But, she said, the picture-taking was particularly upsetting.

"A lot of people were taking pictures without even asking," she said. "Even if you're somewhere where people are fully clothed, you should ask."

One of the marchers said she wasn't surprised by all the attention because partially nude women in public "is so taboo."

But Adrianna Tibkey, who recently moved to Portland, said the march "was really, really fun and it's nice to know it (going topless) is legal here."

Most of the onlookers were men, but not all.

Tammy Walker said she shared the marchers' viewpoint, even if she wasn't prepared to join them in going topless.

"I think it's great," she said. "You (men) can let it all out -- why can't we?"

Some of the men in the crowd thought the marchers were naive to think women going topless would ever be commonplace.

"If they were looking for no reaction -- that's just crazy," said James Gilley of Gorham.

I have no problem with nudity. Especially if they're cute people.

It certainly provides an incentive for people to lose excess flab, get to the gym, and start working out.

Maybe the Feds will lump it in with the "health care" plan and make it mandatory, too.

Unfortunately toplessness would probably make the bottom fall out of the underwear market.
Women Only !!! How do women mentally get past being nude in public ?
ive seen "Girls Gone Wild" and Porn Movies, Adult Magazines. I often wonder how women get to the point that, they dont care about their Brothers and fathers , uncles, Grandfathers, and their sons seeing them this way. Please someone answer this intellectually. i sincerley want a answer to this question
Nudity is really nothing to be ashamed about. We are all born naked. everyone knows what a naked body looks like. Just because someone in your family sees you naked, it doesn't mean it's sexual. I've been to nude beaches, I used to be a dancer. Once you are naked in front of others once, the fear is gone no matter who sees you, family or not. When you wear a skimpy bikini, a G-String, is that really much different from being naked.

When you go to Europe, topless beaches are the norm, it's only in USA everyone is hung up about nudity.
Question about "nude in public" websites. How can they do this?
There apparently is a "genre" of porn websites which feature completely nude women walking around in urban areas with plenty of people around. Judging by the architecture, etc., I would say that these videos are made in European cities.

YA rules and regs prevent me from posting a link, but you can find these sites pretty easily if you so desire.

I'm guessing that there is no law prohibiting women from posing naked in public in these places, but what perplexes me is the nonchalant attitudes of the passersby. They don't even do a double take.

I'm trying to envision this in the USA, but I would imagine the police would be there,with tasers "locked and loaded." And even if the police were slow to get to the scene, there would be hoards of men, young and old drooling.

Yet, in Europe, it's a ho-hum event, if even that.

Can someone explain the differences between American and European attitudes.
It could be in those cities/states that b/c the filming industry is relatively or absolutely weak, they have loose filming laws or corrupt officials on whatever film licensing commissions exist. So "you gimme $10k, and you can film anything you want in the streets of my town." However, without a camera and such a license, I'd imagine such behavior is illegal and restricted; otherwise, it would encourage everyone in the world to go there and act like a complete animal.

All: The creator of "Girls Gone Wild" is currently in prison right now I believe.

Also, Mardi Gras, and similar events, last possibly 2 weeks of 52 weeks in a year, and then are only permitted for local economic purposes.
Why is it illegal for women to go topless and any buddy to go nude in public?
if girls are suppose to be equal and guys can go topless why can't girls. and why do we where clothes in the first place, i mean if we are born naked why is it illegal to be naked when we get older. and close is an invention it isn't against the law to not have like a clock or a bag or something like that.
In most jurisdictions it is actually legal.
Why do black women look so good naked yet i dont see any Naked in public like in nude beaches?
im a biracial guy.now i love all women But im infatuated with black women.Now I I love their exotic eyes and even dont mind their natural hair.(dont like wigs ). Also I like their full lips.Their skin from what Ive seen ages well. I like them all type thin,thick,curvy,big breasted,etc. . I also notice black women are so tall alot of times .Im tall myself but have noticed some black women almost look me in the eye barefoot like my ex at 5'11.What an amazon!. I noticed some people in yahoo call black women mostly 'fat' but people have to know that a.a. women and alot of women in the U.S eat alot of unhealthy foods but if you put certain black women to work out and eat healthy I think a.a american black women bodies would dominate.Now Im wondering why dont i see many naked black women in nude beaches? Is it because alot of men would go wild? lol
Not sure what places you are visiting. I have been a naturalist for 20 plus years and have seen many naked women at nude beaches and resorts.
What type woman likes to go to adult nude clubs and have sex in public?
I have gone to adult clubs on "swingers nights" and see women having sex in public.

what kind of woman does that?
girls who know how to have fun. crazy and just enjoy life to the fullest.
Who thinks there needs to be individual nude women pictorials in the magazine?
In addition to the woman / woman sexual pictorials. I think there should also be nude pictorials of the women themselves alone. As well as a few other things. I think that this would help out the magazine alot. I just wanted to see what the open public thinks or wants.
In this day and age there are so many people looking on the internet (So many Pictures) that it is difficult for a new Magazine to take off and be successful. The start up cost is high and one must check to see if there is a market out there. Then again that's what everyone says about a new business. Good luck.

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