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How many lesbians would actually buy "real" lesbian porn?
So I know everyone complains that "lesbian" porn is always fake and/or degrading, but if a mainstream company was shooting with real lesbians, actual stories, real orgasms, etc... How many of you would actually plunk down $25 for a dvd?
Yeah, why not? It'd probably turn me on :)
Do any other femme lesbians have trouble finding real relationships?
I am extremely feminine in my actions and in looks, so most people seem to think I am pretending to be bisexual for attention or they assume it must be a phase. I have trouble getting into a relationship because the women fear that I'm not a real lesbian. Men seem to think I'm only a "lesbian" to get attention.

This has been bothering me and I wonder if anyone else goes through this.
Well if your having so much trouble, go back to men. I'm sure you wouldn't have trouble there. Just my suggestion.
Where can i find real lesbians to chat with online?
Alright, I am not some forties years old freaky old man looking for some lesbian actions.

I am 18, and I am confuse about my sexual orientation. i want to know where i can find some real lesbians ( not in sexual way) to talk to. Most of my friends that i know are straight and Christians. I basically have no one to turn to experiment and explore my sexual orientation. i wish to go online to find some girls who feel the same way and have a little chat about it.
oooh! *jumps around with her hand in the air* pick me! pick me!!! you can msg me on here if you wanna keep it out of the personal emails, or email me at
What do real lesbians think of fake bisexuals?
When I'm speaking of fake bisexuals, I'm speaking of party girls like you can see on reality television shows like Rock of Love, Tila Tequila, and just about all pretentious nightclubs. These are girls who make out with other girls simply to get attention from men. Think of kate perry's "I kissed a girl song." These aren't women looking to go home with other women, but making a scene to get the attention of men.
it really does get annoying honestly.
it gives the real lesbians bad reps. you know, these girls who are out there in the limelight and the media looks at and that's how people are going to think we all are..generally speaking that is.

it gets on my nerves but at the same time, who are we to say it's fake? they may just be confused about their feelings. idk haha. i'd hate to judge them, but...
Why can't real life lesbians be like the ones in the movies?
Why are all the real life lesbians different from the ones in the movies? The lesbians in the movies, both chicks are thin and hot. Real life lesbians it seems like one is half way decent and the other one has a boot camp army haircut and talks and dresses like a truck driver. I don't get that. If a good looking lesbian wants a women that looks like a dude then why not just go for the dude? That has and never will make any sense to me at all
why can't everyone be like the people in movies

movie stars are always so good looking.. but most people in real life are pretty average

so this doesnt just go for lesbians...
Do real lesbians ruin the fantasy?
when i think of them i like to think of some Hayden Panetierre & some Penelope Cruz. maybe throw in some Marcia Cross for the hot older woman effect. instead real lesbians are the Rosies the Ellens & the Rachel Maddows. dos this disappoint anyone else?
That's why they call it "fantasy".

Gays, lesbians and feminists have become mostly an "I hate white Christian men" club. You're only welcome if you can come up with good slander against the commonly hated group.
Why do I like lesbian porn but real lesbians weird me out?
I dont get it I am a man. could it be a jealousy issue?
Lesbian porn like = 2 girls = awesome
Lesbian real life = 2 girls = no chance for man = bad
Is there any real Lesbians in Mumbai?
I wonder if there are any real lesbian in Mumbai? If yes, I would like to meet one personally, not for any fun or relationship, just wish to meet casually ....
If I'm not wrong Mumbai is one of India's biggest cities.
so YES. Most cities have lesbians, gays and Bi.

PS I think you should put this question in Lesbian,Gay,Bisexual and transgendered or Travel category. You'll find more effective answers there
Are there any lesbians looking for a real and serious realtionship between the ages of 28 and 42?
if so please hit me up?? how tell me how to meet real lesbians for real relationships?
Why are all real life lesbians so unattractive and mamly?
the ones in movies are hot.. and the bisexual girls that do it for attention are hot
but i know a couple of REAL LIFE lebos and they are NASTY
im talking just sick.. fat AND butchy

so is it only in movies where they actually look hot (porn ect)
never mind that your premise is false, they aren't lesbians to appease you in some way.

and what's up with straight guys bitching about lesbians not being hot? you'd rather the ugly girls be straight and the hot girls be gay? doesn't make any sense.

i'm pretty much straight, but butch women can be hot!

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