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Why do so many little pre teen girls WANT diabetes? Is it because of the Jonas brothers?
It's come to my attention that alot of girls, ages 10-14 want to make themselves get diabetes.

(I've seen it at the day care I work at, the school I volunteer at, and in questions on this website.)

Now I know that one of the jonas brothers has diabetes, do you think that's why? because they want to have something in common with him?
Let one of those little dumb teens talk to a guy or teen that has it and they will SURELY change their minds.

Once they know they need to have 2-3 shots per day and poke their fingers 5-6 times a day and even more often when they are sick, and they have to watch every single bite of food they put in their mouths, they will surely change their tune. This is not a fun or cool.

Let them know if they want to feel closer to Jonas boy - tell them to educate themselves on what he goes through every day and maybe do something good by doing a fund raiser, or saving up thier own money to help fund research for the disease.

The next time this happens feel fee to email me, and they can talk to my 15 year old who was just diagnosed.
Hi does anyone know any sites were i can get pictures of animated little girls or teen girls?
im trying to make a webiste fo rmy buisness and i would like to put some picturs of little girls and teen girls that are animated on my website preferably playing with one another or single. thankyou
uhm, you can just google some
animated pix's. Lol.
Why do little teen girls follow me at the mall?
i think they realize im not a teen boy.
Having been a teen girl not so long ago, there are only 2 possible reasons - they think you're really cute or they think you're really weird. :)
Where Can I get a Flounder from The Little Mermaid Costume for teen Girls?
Well for halloween me and my friends are going to be characers from the little mermaid and I am gunna be flounder.... I have some ideas of as to how i can make one.... but i need some more ideas.... and does anyone know if there is already a costume out there for sale?

Thanks :)
I really Appreciate it :)
I don't think there is a costume out there... you're probably better off making it. I would do some online searching for a yellow shirt with blue stripes. I bet it exists. Then you can find a yellow skirt and a piece of blue netting (like the material used for costume fairy wings) and attach it so that it falls above the yellow skirt... just a thought.
Is shorter hair completely out of style for teen girls?
I haven't seen short hair on a tween or teen girl (or even little girls!) in ages. It seems the minimum length is the shortest you can go and still have a decent ponytail.

If not, what short hairstyles are currently fashionable?
Most teen girls dont want short hair,only becaus there is really nothing you can do with it,and most movie stars or celebs have long or mediam length hair.I think that if you can find a good short hairstyle that would look good on you,then you should get it.Ask your friends for advice,too.

Hope I helped!
Are The Only People who like Cena Teen Girls And LIttle Kids?
I belive he is the reason wwe has gone guyish .. no offense but these guys do not know anythin about the legacy and history of wwe/ wrestling ... Cena haters are people who have followed wrestling all there life? Am i Right or wrong ???
thank u u proved my point that's all his fans are so i'm not the only one who thinks so. he is the reason wwe is a guy show now. he sucks and wwe sucks. little guys need to go watch nickelodeon and leave wwe to teens and adults. if vince intended it for teens and adults like in the attitude era i think it could really be good, but now since it's a guy show it will never, ahahahahah (*slap myself*) ever be the same again.
Is it true that most teen girls eat a limited amount of food as they are constantly pressurized to become slen?
der, unlike boys? As a result, do most teen girls eat way less than teen boys or do teen girls eat as much as teen boys? My father says most teen boys eat a lot and most teen girls eat little due to different perspectives on body images. He criticizes me that I am an only male who is suffering from anorexia.
There are many boys who become anorexic , but it is not as know as women for various reasons
What are some good sights for teen girls to have a little fun!?
PLZZ help my life is soo boring '
any sights for teen girls to have fun or something
plzz thanxs
Well, I'm a teen guy, almost 14, And Facebook/Myspace are fun places for girls.
They really find it amusing, I don't know why.
These are the only things I know, But If you have one, I'm sorry.
One-piece bathing suits for little girl or teen girl?
I was just reading a Parenting question answer where a mom said her little girls always wear one pieces and can wear two pieces when they're teenagers.

I would think you would encourage an older girl to cover up, while a little girl could innocently wear a two-piece.

Which way do you guys see it?
Well, I agree with you but I think that they should be wearing a one piece no matter WHAT age they are. If you let them wear bikinis when they are little then they will want to wear it when they're older too. I think one pieces are better because they cover up more, the can't come untied or fall off, they are more comfortable because you know it won't come off when they swim and its more modest. But, I do think that girls 4 and under can wear 2 pieces because its just so cute when they have all their chub! But I think that its okay for them to wear tankinis when their older because they are cute, and easier to get on and go to the bathroom because its like a one piece but its cut off at the waist and some have backs showing and some don't, but I think bikinis ARE cute and sometimes exceptable if they don't show off too much and they fit well.
Teen girls: would you rather have a little brother or a big brother?
Would you rather have a very cute little 12 or 13 year old younger brother to play with and teach him things, or would want to have a bigger older 17 or 18 year old brother to talk to and who would teach you things?
Big brother-i've always wanted one.I've got a younger sister(who's 15 and i'm 17).
When i was younger i was a tomboy and i wanted someone to play fight with.Now,a big brother would be good to protect me(i'm only 4ft11) and teach about 'life'.Also,i don't know why but i've always found it alot easier to talk to boys than girls.With this,having a sister is slightly annoying as she always wears my clothes or steals my make-up.

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