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Crazy lesbians...?
I'm starting to feel like the only sane lesbian in the world. My last gf ( we just broke up) seemed really cool at first and then as time went on she got a little more emotional, a lot more irrational, and she took to throwing things. Every girl I've dated has been racked with drama. Am I picking the wrong women or is this what I have to expect with every relationship?
Lesbians are just plain crazy, you are abnormal by acting normal!

Think I needed to rephrase that!
Why do guys go crazy over lesbians?
Guys think that lesbians are super hot and go crazy when they start making out and stuff. if that is so then what about bisexual girls? do they act the same way?
Sadly, most straight guys don't believe women can be lesbians. So when they see two girls fooling around, they immediately think threesomes. Straight guys don't really see a difference between lesbians and bisexual girls.
Is It Selfish To Say Lesbians Are Crazy For Not Liking Men?
Like If a girl was obsessed with men and had a lesbian friend who didn't find men attractive. Is it selfish for the girl to think her friend is crazy and weird for not liking men, just because she thinks men are really hot and isn't attracted to women...?
It's not selfish. It does show a total lack of understanding and disregard for the friends feelings.
Why do some men go crazy over lesbians?
I know that is mostly about the 2 girl 1 guy fantasy

but cant they understand that if the 2 girls are lesbians, they would never sleep with a guy?

your thoughts
"but cant they understand that if the 2 girls are lesbians, they would never sleep with a guy?"
I don't think men know the true definition of a lesbian since all the male magazines and porn movies represent lesbians in a wrong way.
My second thought is that they don't quite get why a woman wouldn't want to sleep with a man.They just can't comprehend that...
There are two crazy Lesbians in the Battered Womens shelter I am in.They are doing all kinds of crazy ****?
These two particular women keep calling each other honey, baby, babe ,sweetheart, all the time and they keep hugging each other all the Damn Time! Anytime they do anything they kept touching each on the shoulders, their hands all the time. They always do everything together and it seems like the other woman always acts and speaks for the other woman. They knew each other before coming into the shelter, they say they have been friends for the last 8yrs. The keep calling the rest of us that stay here the same names like honey baby, sweetheart whenever they are around the rest of us too.When I first came they were just staring at me like they have never seen a Black Woman before just smiling at me and started touching me too and I told the one of them to stop it I am a rape victim and it makes me feel uncomfortable. When one of them did it again I told on her to the staff to make her stop it. I told them that I think that they are Lesbians but they said that I was being too sensitive because of my husband having raped me during my marriage and that they are just being Friendly.They started talking about God and Jesus and said that they are Christians and I thought that maybe I made a wrong judgement call on them so I decided to be nice to them so I did not get mad at them anymore about them touching me on the shoulders and if they tried to hug me I went on ahead and let them hug me. The next thing you know they started asking me if I needed anything from the store and when I said no I have no money they would come back with stuff anyway and I thanked them and accepted it.They are very nosy and if they do not see you in the living room or out anywhere else in the house if they think you are in your room they will stand in front of your door and eaves drop on you.Even if you are using the toilet it reminds me of a man keeping track of his woman. They act like they have to always know what you are doing or where you are. If they find out you do not like them they will tell a lie and aggravate you by making fun of you everytime they see you or tell a lie on you to try to get you kicked out of the shelter!They are 53 yrs old and they are white, but they have messed with everybody that comes into the shelter and if you do not like them and complain about them touching you then they start making up lies on you! They want my *** real bad now, I heard them say that they have been putting some of their body fluids in the food and drink in the shelter that for us ladies to eat and drink but they have been I found out by hearing them talk one day on my *** in particular. They said that they are going to try to make me have Hepatitis B like they do to make me have to go with them! So now I am only eating canned foods the shelter has so they can not make me have Hep B like them! I have talked to the shelter about this but I have to have proof not just my overhearing them is enough for them. Yesterday I had a wet spot on my shirt and one of them came up and touched the spot on my shirt where the wet spot was asking me why it was wet there. I felt like slapping her but I do not want to go to jail. Iam a brand new grandmother and I have yet to see her and my daughter so I have maintained myself so far. Yesterday one of them came up to me and said that she wanted to give me something then she stood there looking at my right breast just smiling at it and raised her hand up towards it as though she was going to touch me there, but then she put her hand down and then said Merry Xmas and I took it although I was not sure if I should and I opened it up it was a 100.00 dollar bill! I tried to make her take it back but she refused so I said I would hold on to it for her. Then she walked into the kitchen where her friend was and said in a low voice I just gave her a 100.00 dollar bill the lest she can do is give me a piece of *** before I go on Friday! I felt so humiliated and was so upset I went straight to my room trying to think of what I should do now!You see they finally got tried of her messing with people in the shelter and they kicked *** out Thank God! I am keeping it as evidence for the police because I plan to report her for sexually harassing me since I have been in this shelter! She heard me talking to one of the ladies in my room she must have had her buddy stand in front of my room door and she said that if I reported her to the police that she is going to tell a lie on me and say that I stole it from her! I do want to leave this shelter but near by shelter are full right now. Help how should I cope in the mean time until I cango elsewhere or should I just try to avoid her as much as possible until she leaves on Friday?
Wait on friday!
Lesbians, why are you crazy about your girl?
Just tell me how you feel about your girlfriend.
If you're single, tell me what you're looking for in a girl.
what i look for in a girl..
calm, girly(like me), very sensual, and some one i can understand...
Why does it seem that so many of the hott lesbians are crazy/psycho!?
Or is it just me? :p
I am a hot lesbian, and I ain't CRAZY!!!! FYI, I have had men ask me out! (Peng ones and all!)
Crazy naughty sex games for lesbians?
Just lots of advice. Don't hold back. I'm going to have fun tomorrow.
XD LOL¡¡¡¡¡¡ Good, well you could try playing roles I don't know you being a nurse and her a girl needing a lot of attention and someone who would take "good care" of her, the other way around if you want, also the teacher and the school girl, this girl has really bad grades and need some tutorial and this lovely teacher offers her some help, but she's so bad the teacher doesn't take it anymore and decides to punish her really bad, you could also play the lunch lady and the naughty school girl lol, you can use whipped cream and food, spread all over your bodies and then lick it off uhmm¡¡ you can whip her with a spoon lol, pull her hair mad because she didn't like your cooking so you cover her up in chocolate and there you go your imagination will be good enough, you could try to do some of that stuff in front of a mirror it can be really hot, once you're in bed try to make it sound it's really good... Have fun¡¡¡ lol

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